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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Happy (almost) Friday! 

Tomorrow is my last full day with E before I go back to work next Monday, and she starts going full days to "school." We are going to sneak in all the baby snuggles possible. She started school this past Monday but only went half days. I really did this for us to get situated. I didn't want both of our first days to be rough, so I wanted to get myself on a routine. Waking up at 5:45 every morning and taking her to school and running errands has made me exhausted, but I'm so glad that I did this because I can only imagine if I didn't practice this routine. Tears are coming down just thinking about next week!

So, now onto the actual post.
We  knew that we wanted to have newborn photos taken once Emerson was born, but we also wanted to get maternity photos because you're only pregnant with your first child once, right? I met Lauren Miller through a friend's wedding that she photographed a few years ago and I loved her style, so we asked her to take these shots. She is awesome at what she does and is extremely easy to work with. And, her beautiful work doesn't hurt either! I totally recommend her if you are in the Greenville area. 

I was about 35 weeks when she took these photos back in December. These were taken in downtown Greenville and I just love them.

Sorry for the picture overload but I hope you enjoyed! And if you thought these were a lot of pictures, then I'm just going to warn you that E's newborn pictures will definitely overwhelm you! 

Have a great weekend! My little family will be relaxing this weekend before I start work on Monday. Please wish me luck!! 


  1. These are beautiful!! Am I the only one who misses my bump? :(

  2. Gorgeous pictures! Can't wait to see the newborn ones :)


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