Emerson is Two Months

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I'm a few weeks late, but Emerson is another month old. It is still amazing to me that we've survived two months with her in this world! Our lives are so much richer than they were, but it hasn't always been easy with a newborn.

She's starting to smile a lot more and get a little personality which is so much fun. I can only imagine how much her personality will grow in just a few short weeks and months. 

I just want to mention a few milestones so that I can look back on this because I won't want to forget them. 

The biggest milestone she had this past month was transitioning from her pack n play to her crib at 7 weeks. This was not easy on me because I was so used to just looking over at her in her pack n play and checking on her constantly. Just knowing that she was safe in our room made me comfortable. We knew it was time to transition her because she was able to begin rotating her full body at least 90 degrees in her pack n play. So, the next night, we made sure the monitor was working properly, made sure she had a fresh diaper and was full of milk so that she could sleep soundly. We put her to bed and she actually slept for a longer stretch than I thought she would. However, when I went into her room to feed her, her body was a complete 180 degrees rotated. See pictures below (sorry for the terrible quality but they were taken at night). At her two month check up, our pediatrician, who also happens to be a friend of ours, told us to stop swaddling her. I've been following Moms on Call and they say to stop at 3 months, so I was a little on the fence when she told us this. I did what she said to do and E didn't sleep at all that night…and neither did I! I got her a sleep sack and again, didn't sleep well. So, I began swaddling her again and she's doing much better. I've ordered a magic sleep suit so we'll see how that goes! Another milestone is that she slept through the night a few days ago at 9 weeks. It was so nice but I'll be honest, I had to keep checking on her to make sure she was breathing because this was the first time she had slept that long.

I've been trying to put her down for naps in her crib during the day but she's still fighting naps which makes it hard on me to get anything done. Hence, the late update.

At her two month check up, she weighed 9 lbs 7 oz which puts her in the 10th percentile. She is gaining weight and gaining about .5 ounces per day, but our pediatrician would like to see her gain a little bit more. We are hoping that since my staph infection is gone, she'll be eating better. At that same appointment, she had more shots and it just killed me to see her cry. She took it like a champ and she didn't cry for long, but I sure did have tears falling down my face.

She's got that pouty lip down pat.

She honestly doesn't really take a paci. She'll sometimes take it if she's desperate, but she really enjoys sucking on my thumb. Yes, that's right. Not her thumb, but mine.

She is getting more used to bath time and although it's still not her most favorite part of the day, it's becoming more manageable. My mom told me to put more water in her bath and that has seemed to help. Little girl doesn't like to be cold! She still enjoys getting her hair massaged. 

She is beginning to outgrow some of her newborn clothes. She's still in all newborn, but I can tell that she'll be ready for 3 month sleepers soon. She's still in newborn diapers as well. They are a little snug, but the size 1 completely swallow her, which makes my heart a little happy. 

We visited the day care she'll be attending so that she could meet her "teachers." This was a very unique experience for Andrew and I because neither one of us have ever stepped foot into a daycare center. Growing up, my mom worked weekend nights at the hospital so she was home with my sister and I during the week. Andrew's mom stayed home with him and his siblings, so neither one of us really knew what to expect when stepping inside those doors. After leaving, we felt at peace that E would be in good hands when she begins in just a few weeks. I can't believe I'll be going back to week in just 1.5 short weeks! Where have the past 2 months gone?

She is finally enjoying the bouncy and swing for longer periods of time which is nice. I usually put her in the swing when I'm cooking dinner and then she sits in her bouncy next to the dinner table so that we can all be near each other.

I had our birth announcements for about 3 weeks and FINALLY got them sent out! I'll be sharing that soon. I also need to finish up some Thank You notes.

I am doing really well. My staph infection is gone and my milk supply is up. I've pretty much been pumping since she was born so that I could build up a supply for when I go back to work. Andrew has been very helpful and is still busy at work, but cherishes the time that he has with her when he comes home.

And, here are just a few more pictures of our sweet girl. 

Hanging out with some of my boyfriends. 

She begins school next week and I'm dying a little bit inside. Please pray for me!! I know she will do great and will adjust just fine, but it's me that I'm worried about. I'm so used to spending all day with her and have cherished those moments and sure will miss it.