Emerson is Ten Months

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

I can't believe Thanksgiving is past us and Christmas is right around the corner. That can only mean one thing. Emerson is another month old and that one year is quickly creeping up on us. Can I be honest and just say that it completely stresses me out to think about trying to plan a birthday party right now? And, it completely breaks my heart to think that my baby is almost one year. And, I'm getting completely emotional and I'm just going to stop now. 

Emerson is starting to mimic us and it is hilarious. We'll stick our tongue out and she copies us and sticks her tongue back out. I know, not a great habit but she is starting to copy a lot of the things we do and it just makes me realize that stage might be upon us. Also, if you tell her to "clap," she claps. She is beginning to follow simple commands. 

She'll drop something and said "uhhh oh." On Thanksgiving Day, she dropped her sippy cup and my cousin picked it up and handed it back to her. I said "say thank you," and she said "thank you." I swear we all just stood there like "did she really just say that?" We were all kind of stunned. 

If we say "No," she just laughs and shakes her head side to side. She clearly knows what no means. 

She is still in size 2 diapers and 9 month clothing and weighs a whopping 17.5 pounds. We dropped 1/2 ounce of milk in her bottles since she's eating more food. I am still nursing her twice a day (morning and night) and I am probably going to start weaning around 1 year. My original goal was 1 year and I'm honestly shocked to say that I'm going to make it. I almost gave up on like week 2 but somehow pushed through all of the difficult times and can proudly say I'm happy I did. 

Speaking of food, she loves all of it. I can't think of anything that she has tried lately that she didn't like. She eats all of her snacks and lunch at school and sure did enjoy fried turkey and all of the sides for Thanksgiving. 

She has had two ear infections and the nasty stomach bug in the past month. I honestly don't think she ever fully recovered from the first ear infection and by the time we went back to follow up, the other ear became infected. The doctor switched up the antibiotics so I pray it knocks it out and that we aren't having a discussion about tubes anytime soon. 

We went and picked out our Christmas tree last night. She wasn't too impressed but once we get it decorated, I'm interested to see what she thinks of all the lights and ornaments. We are also about to find out if we need to guard the tree or not. I'm going to go ahead and say that we'll be ordering a gate from Amazon pretty soon. 

We took our family Christmas pictures two weeks ago and I can't wait to share those with y'all! I was super nervous to see how she was going to do, but I couldn't have been more proud. She was a little scared at first but completely rocked it and was totally cheesing by the end of it. 

Here are a few pictures from the past month.

She is the sweetest little girl and is just always so happy. She will belly laugh when you laugh and it just brings me to tears. We have truly been blessed and couldn't imagine our lives without her. 

Emerson is Nine Months

Monday, October 30, 2017

Emerson was born on Friday the 13th with a full moon in the sky. She also turned nine months on Friday the 13th and I just sit here wondering where all of this time has gone. She is at such a fun stage in her little life and we couldn't love her more. She is moving all over the place and babbling and eating everything in sight. 

Some of her biggest milestones this month were starting to wave hello and goodbye when someone enters or leaves the room, and she is beginning to eat real table food. She's had "table" food for months but not like this month. She feeds herself and can't get food into her mouth fast enough! We also introduced water and a sippy cup this month. So far, she is doing well and drinks most of her water at school. She is pulling up on everything. She loves standing up against the coffee table and warming drawer of the oven (obviously when it's off).
Two of her favorite things: cell phones (only real ones, she could care less about the fake ones) and tv remote controls.

We had her 9 month wellness appointment this past week and she's a little over 17 pounds and 27" tall. She is still tiny for her age (37th for weight, close to 50th for height and 90th for head circumference), but she's doing great on the growth curve. She got her flu shot and it just breaks my heart to see her in pain. She is mainly in 9 month clothes (but still rocking some 6 month), and is still wearing size 2 diapers.

Her school menus crack me up. I keep joking about it but she really does eat better than I do! And, she still doesn't have any teeth so I don't know how this girl eats all of these foods but she loves it.

She went to her first Clemson game this month! The Tigers played Wake Forest and she did so well...a lot better than I expected. So well, that she made it through the first half and the only reason I took her out was because I was hot, and I needed to reapply her sunscreen.  She was a trooper.

We took her to Ehrhardt, where Andrew is a member of a hunt club. We drove around in our Kubota and she absolutely loved riding around.

We took her shoe shopping for her very first pair of shoes, but sadly, we came home empty handed. Apparently her feet are too small and narrow for hard soles, so we'll try again in a few months. But, she loves her Zutano soft soles that she wears to school. 

Here are a few pictures from school. We LOVE all of her teachers and are so thankful for the wonderful experience we've had so far. 

She loves playing at home with all of her toys, and we mostly enjoy snuggling and kissing on her. 

And for those of you wondering. Yes, she is still a thumb sucker. 

We are totally obsessed with you, sweet baby. We love you to the moon and back.