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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

You've all seen the Facebook posts, Instagram feeds and articles written about Rodan + Fields. I was always so intrigued about them and loved seeing the "before" and "after" shots of those using the products. My friend, Laura, is a consultant and was hosting a party at her house at the end of last summer. I attended and loved learning more about the company and different regimens they offer. They offer so many different options targeting different skin types and needs. I decided at the time that I would try a product, really just to support my friend, and needed an eye cream at the time. So, I chose the "Redefine" line because it is known to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness (thanks, genetics),  and is supposed to minimize the look of crow's-feet. It is also supposed to help firm and smooth out your skin, minimizing the size of your pores. 

Studies have demonstrated that at around the age of 25, we begin to lose collagen at the rate of 1.5% each year. Most people will lose 50% of their facial collagen levels by the age of 60. This might not sound like a lot to you, but it is extremely important that we try to act now and prevent this from happening at this increased rate. 

To preface, I used this twice a day (morning and night before moisturizing my face). It took me about 6 months to finish the bottle. At $60 for the multi-function eye cream, that is not a bad deal since it lasts so long. When I used the cream, my skin felt so nourishing and hydrated. Your under eye area is the most delicate and thinnest skin so hydration is incredibly important when trying to hide those dark circles. 

Prepare yourself…you're about to see my naked face.


So, what do you think? Can you tell a difference? Although my under eye area still has some darkness to it…which, I don't ever think that will go away because of genetics, I think it is lighter. I think the biggest difference I could feel was the puffiness. It might be difficult to see in these pictures but I do feel like they aren't as puffy as they were before I started using this product. I'm sure that the longer you use it, you will only continue to see more progress. 

I have actually already repurchased this item and can't wait to start using it again. I've been out of it for about two weeks and I truly miss not putting it on. 

Here are a few helpful tips that seem like common sense but they are common mistakes that people make. 



I also am still testing out the Essentials Foaming Tan that everyone raves about. I've only used it a few times and have loved it but will be giving a full review soon, once I've had longer to test it out. 

Sadly, this lip exfoliator is now discontinued but I've been using it on my dry lips

This has been awesome so far! This serum is incredibly hydrating and helps my chapped lips like crazy. I exfoliate my lips with the above product and then use the serum after that. I can tell a huge difference, especially when I put it on night and wear it while I sleep. 

If you would like to try these products, my dear friend Laura would love to help you with any questions  you might have! Feel free to contact her if you would like to order any products as well. 

*A few of these products were provided to me but I did purchase the eye cream on my own 

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  1. Under eye area is always a pain for me - I'm happy to hear that you saw a difference and that you are happy with the outcome so far!! A few friends of mine swear by R&F! xo, Biana


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