Baby O's Baby Shower

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Oh Boy! Did we have a great time celebrating baby O this past weekend. Andrew and I, along with 4 other couples, hosted a couple's bbq baby shower for two of our closest friends in Greenville. We had a  large group of a little over 50 of the couple's closest local friends. 

I couldn't have thrown the shower without the help of the other girls so a big shout out to them for their creativity. 

So I'm basically just going to throw a lot of pictures at you, so enjoy! 

Leigh did the most beautiful job putting all of the flower arrangements together. They turned out to be absolutely gorgeous and a few of the greenery and hydrangeas are from my back yard. Think I can recreate these? 

Caprese on a stick! 

The first time parents to be!

Kyle, the mama-to-be and myself. 

The ultimate brownie heath trifle I made. Clearly, I didn't take a picture early enough because it was already missing a few bites. 

Okay, you just can't beat homemade banana pudding from a bbq joint so we got this one catered. 

All of the hostesses with the mama to be. 

We had quite a few mamas-to-be at the shower so a Shirley Temple bar was a necessity…and of course, in glass baby bottles! 

It was so much fun throwing this party and we absolutely can't wait to meet the little one in July. 

I hope y'all have a great weekend! 

Weekend Recap

Sunday, May 15, 2016

It feels like lately I've only been able to blog about our weekends, but I'm hoping that changes very, very soon! I know I say this a lot, but we had a really great weekend. It was packed full starting on Thursday. We had some friends come to town to help host a baby shower with us, so we took them to dinner and just stayed low. 

I worked a half day on Friday and then met Leigh for lunch and went shopping all around town for my house. Leigh is a true artist and has such an eye for home decor so every time she comes to town, I beg her to redecorate my house. We went to Target and Hobby Lobby and bought a total of 7 lamps so that we could play around with the area and see which one we liked best in the space. Pictures to come because we decided on one! 

Oh, and I hung curtains and absolutely love how they turned out (after my mother-in-law hemmed them). They are the Ritva curtains from Ikea. 

On Friday evening, Andrew and I enjoyed a dinner alone at one of our favorite restaurants and then came home to start preparing for the baby shower. I made this Ultimate Brownie Trifle to take to the shower. 

Saturday was full prep for the shower and it was such a beautiful day, high of 85 degrees, sunny but very windy! So windy that I had to make sure that the tablecloths didn't fly anywhere! 

How beautiful are these flower arrangements Leigh put together for the shower? She put together the most gorgeous arrangements in silver cups, mason jars and mint julep cups. 

Some of the greenery and hydrangeas are actually fresh from my backyard. 

The couple's backyard bbq shower was a hit and we can't wait to meet baby O this July. 

We met Chesson and Patrick for brunch on Sunday as they were passing through town and man were we full afterwards. We walked off our brunch strolling through downtown admiring Artisphere.

Lots of baby shower leftovers made for a relaxing and extremely easy dinner in! 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! We will miss having guests with us but sooo excited to have some special guests coming to stay with us in a few weeks. Stay tuned to see who it is! 

A Surprise Wedding!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Yup, you read that right! We headed to Atlanta this weekend to celebrate two of our closest friend's engagement and while we thought we were walking into the nicest engagement party we've ever been to, we were pleasantly surprised to actually be attending their wedding reception!! Eeeek. So excited but we'll get to that in just a minute. 

We got to Atlanta Friday night and headed straight to our favorite Mexican restaurant, and the homemade tortilla machine, Texas margaritas and all of the chips and salsa did not disappoint. My sister in law joined us last minute and then we ended up staying up late laughing and talking with her and my brother in law. Thank goodness they only live .25 miles from Rio Bravo. 

We woke up super early (early for me) to try to get a table at Buttermilk Kitchen. This was literally our fourth visit but actually our first time eating there. Previously, it's always had like an hour to hour and half wait so we decided to get there pretty much as soon as they opened. And, oh em gee. It was amaaaazing and we will wake up at the crack of dawn every time we visit Atlanta if that means we get to eat here. 

Fried BLT sandwich with lemon aioli and rosemary hash browns. 

Haha. I thought this was so cute! They totally know my love language. 

The four of us ended up at Nadeau, our favorite furniture store, and ended up bringing a few pieces home! I will be doing a separate post on that but I'm really excited to finally fill up the empty space in our front living room. 

We met up with some of our close friends that we stayed with Saturday night that were attending the engagement party as well. We went to Verde Taqeria for lunch and that's always been a favorite because their margaritas….duh. 

OK. Now onto the most exciting part of the weekend. Katie and Ryan (bride and groom) have been telling us about one of their favorite restaurants, St. Cecilia,  in Buckhead and the last time we stayed with Ryan and Katie, we tried to book a reservation but couldn't get in. So, when we found out that their engagement party was there, we were so excited to finally try it out. 

It is the cutest and coziest yet modern feel and I was totally digging it. And, the food was out of this world. We will definitely be making a reservation weeks in advance so we can go back! 

A little back story. Katie and Ryan are two of our most favorite people (but you already knew that) and have been together for several years and both have previously been married. So, when Ryan brought Katie around a few years ago, we totally fell in love with her and knew that they'd end up getting married one day. Ryan finally proposed this previous New Year's Eve and we couldn't have been happier when we found out. Everyone's been asking for months, "when are y'all going to get married?" and they'd never give a direct answer and would say something along the lines of "oh, no rush but maybe next year?" So, fast forward to last night. 

One of Katie's best friends and hostess of the evening was giving her welcoming speech and looked to the happy couple and said "When are y'all finally going to set a date to get married?" And she kept going…"I mean, next year….next month…yesterday? ...Yesterday?" The bride and groom pulled out their wedding bands they had secretly been hiding all evening and the tears and screams just started filling the room. Everyone of course looked around cluelessly and was obviously surprised to hear that the couple had gotten married Friday morning with just the presence of their parents and pastor (who actually married Andrew and I). 

So needless to say, the engagement party we thought we were attending ended up turning into a perfect reception with their closest friends and family. It was small, intimate and so perfect for one of our most favorite couples. 

The beautiful bride and me.

And after dinner, things got interesting. We had the best time goofing off and laughing until our bellies hurt. We went out to the bars and then ended up in the married couple's hotel room. The cute one in the Lilly maxi is expecting a little girl this coming August and she was such a trooper and the most perfect DD. We can't wait to celebrate baby EBP in June! 

I literally have no idea what we were doing in this picture but clearly we were having too much fun.

Boys will be boys.

Sunday morning was brunch and shopping and of course, Pinkberry

We just had the best time in our old stomping grounds and at times, we both wish we still lived in Atlanta because we miss our crew so hard (and all of the fabulous shopping and restaurants). 

Congratulations to the beautiful bride and groom! We love you.