Baby O's Baby Shower

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Oh Boy! Did we have a great time celebrating baby O this past weekend. Andrew and I, along with 4 other couples, hosted a couple's bbq baby shower for two of our closest friends in Greenville. We had a  large group of a little over 50 of the couple's closest local friends. 

I couldn't have thrown the shower without the help of the other girls so a big shout out to them for their creativity. 

So I'm basically just going to throw a lot of pictures at you, so enjoy! 

Leigh did the most beautiful job putting all of the flower arrangements together. They turned out to be absolutely gorgeous and a few of the greenery and hydrangeas are from my back yard. Think I can recreate these? 

Caprese on a stick! 

The first time parents to be!

Kyle, the mama-to-be and myself. 

The ultimate brownie heath trifle I made. Clearly, I didn't take a picture early enough because it was already missing a few bites. 

Okay, you just can't beat homemade banana pudding from a bbq joint so we got this one catered. 

All of the hostesses with the mama to be. 

We had quite a few mamas-to-be at the shower so a Shirley Temple bar was a necessity…and of course, in glass baby bottles! 

It was so much fun throwing this party and we absolutely can't wait to meet the little one in July. 

I hope y'all have a great weekend! 


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