Emerson is Four Months

Monday, May 29, 2017

Another month has flown by (a few weeks late), but I will have to say that this has probably been my favorite month so far. She has always had a sweet little personality, but I feel like we've seen more of it this month. She is always smiling and laughing and it just makes my heart full. Her entire face lights up when she smiles and her entire body shakes when she laughs. She is such a calm and chill baby...we don't know where she gets it from! She is always happy unless she is hungry, sleepy or doesn't feel well. Speaking of not feeling well, we had her 4th month check up and we found out she had her first ear infection! She had a small fever Mother's Day weekend (actually on her 4 month) but we honestly thought she was starting to cut teeth. Andrew put his fingers in her mouth and thought he felt bumps coming through. But, she wasn't fussy at all! 

So, we went to her wellness check on that Monday, and she weighed 12 lbs, 6.5 oz and was about 26" long. Our pediatrician looked in her ears and she had a small infection in her left ear. That explains the fever! She felt through her mouth and she's not cutting teeth yet, thank God! She was put on antibiotics for 10 days and she's been a true fighter. We never would have known that she was sick had we not gone to the doctor. She was waking up about 1-2 hours earlier than usual in the mornings but other than that, she was a trooper. 

There were a few milestones this past month which is making me realize how quickly she's growing up! 

We've always put her on her back to sleep and once we went to the doctor for her check up, our doctor told us to stop putting her in her magic sleep suit. I was extremely nervous because this was our secret to her sleeping throughout the night! She's always been a great sleeper but I know this was a contribution to this. So, we now put her in a sleep sack with her hands out. She's now rolling over to sleep on her side or her stomach. We always put her on her back, but it doesn't take her a long time to get into a more comfortable position. It makes me nervous for her to be on her stomach but she does a good job of laying on the side of her face and not face down. 

She's found her thumb. She's never really been one to take a paci unless she's extremely sleepy or upset, and we've never pushed it on her. But, this past week, little girl started sucking her thumb. Every time I see her do it, I try to pull it out because I don't want to go down that road. I'd rather her take a paci because you can always take that away, and not the thumb! But, if it makes her comfortable and happy, then I guess I need to just let it be for now. 

She's been moving a lot more and rolling over from back to stomach and then from stomach to back. She even puts her legs up in the air when I put her in the crib. She loves playing on her play mat when I get home from work. She loves noises and her little book makes her laugh. She is also able to prop herself up much better than she has in the last few weeks. Her head control has always been very strong, but she loves propping herself up and looking around. 

I am doing well. I am still breastfeeding her (morning and night) and then she takes 3 bottles of breast milk at school. I'm planning on nursing and continuing to pump for as long as I can. My supply is good, but I have seen a little drop since I went back to work since I'm primarily pumping there. I'm still down about 5-6 pounds my pre-baby weight, but I'm sure that will change once I stop breast feeding. 

Emerson loves school and all of her teachers. I am so happy with the school we chose. They are able to give her so much attention and are sending me updates and pictures throughout the day via the app. It just makes my heart full to see how much she is doing and growing there. She has Spanish class twice a week and music once a week and she loves participating! 

I enjoyed my first Mother's Day and it was perfect. I had just found out around Mother's Day last year that I was pregnant, so it awesome having her here this year. 

Andrew has been awesome. He is extremely helpful with Emerson and she just adores him. A few friends and I took one of our dear friends, Stephanie, out this past Friday night for a pre-baby surprise for her. Since it is her second baby, we decided to steal her away for the night with a girly dinner at a new trendy restaurant then stay the night at a hotel downtown and shower her with gifts and mocktails. So, that was my first night away from E! It wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be, but I was a little sad! I checked in with Andrew constantly to check on my little girl, but then again, it was nice to have a night alone and not worry about stalking the monitor! 

We've had a great month and I am excited to see what this next month brings us! 

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  1. Do you know why your Dr said no more sleep suit? My second turns 4 months this week and we've been going through a little bit of a sleep regression. He's in the sleep suit, and I've wondered maybe if he should go back to the swaddle?! I have so many questions for our appointment next week!


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