Thoughts for Thursday: The Man Behind the Blog

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

As you continue to get to know me, I thought it would be important to share with y'all one thing that means the most to me. My husband. He happens to be my biggest supporter and advocate for me starting this little thing on the internet. This blog was a long time coming, and it took some serious consideration. I always thought it was a great idea in theory, but didn't know how realistic it would be for me to be able to write as often as I'd like or if I would even have anything important enough to write about! He was a large proponent in persuading me to start this blog because he knows how much I enjoyed writing for Caroline.  I hope y'all love him just as much as I do! 

Without further ado,  I would like to introduce you to...

Name:   Husband, aka Andrew

Occupation: Project Manager

Loves:  Golf, Clemson Football, Hunting, Baseball, Microsoft Excel, Doubling Down on the Blackjack Table, my wife!

Favorite websites:  The Mainboard, Tiger Illustrated, ESPN

Favorite television show:  Entourage (RIP)

When Ashley started her blog you thought?  I was excited.  I know how much she enjoys blogging and thought it would be a great way for her to keep everyone updated on her comings and goings.  She’s also really good at it!

How often do you read my blog?  Every time a new post appears, but I typically receive a sneak peek to proofread before the final draft goes to print.

The best part about being married to a blogger?  Seeing her put a lot of passion into her posts.  I also get to learn new things about someone I’ve been with for 8 years.  I can’t believe you killed your pet bird when you were little!

The most challenging part about being married to a blogger?  Will you take a picture of this?  Will you proofread my post?  What do you think of this?  I’m having writer’s block, what should I blog about?  Do my legs look pale in this picture?   I need to buy this to make blogging easier.  Why won’t the camera work?  

Your favorite posts are?  The introduction Ashley posted on Virginia Sweet. No question.

If you started a blog, it would be about?  How to dominate spreadsheets in excel and the science behind the golf swing.  The number of followers would be astounding.  I could probably quit my job.

What surprises you most about the blogging community?   How crazy the blogging community can be.  Hearing stories about people’s followers tracking down their homes, cars, income, etc. blows my mind.  Whatever happened to common decency?

Will you ever agree to write a guest post?  Only if I get to blog about whatever I want.

How great is he? Thanks, A! xoxo
PS. True story about Andrew. He actually had a blog before let's try to convince him to start writing again! 

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Thanks to Christa for the inspiration for this post!

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  1. So cute!! Love this post about the "man behind the blog." I've seen some other posts that are similar too and I always say that I'm going to do one and haven't done it yet. Maybe this was the inspiration I needed! Thanks for linking up!


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