Can't Live Without It: OxiClean

Thursday, May 21, 2015

We are on the final stretch to the weekend! I am so glad we made it to today because that means an extra long weekend!

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I am uh-sbessed with OxiClean. It seriously gets all spots and stains out. My husband will probably hate me for saying this, but oh well.  He played golf last week in the rain and was wearing khakis, and he may or may not have slid all the way down the muddy hill. Brought those bad boys home, threw some OxiClean in the washer…and bam! They were like new. 
True story.
A, don't hurt me but it worked, right?

PS. Although I probably don't need to, I add this to every wash because I can tell a major difference when I don't. 

Y'all, I am so excited for a special post coming up next week! I've been asked to guest blog for one of my most favorite bloggers ever, and I can't wait for y'all to find out who it is!

Have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!



  1. Happy extra long weekend! Hope your hubby is doing ok :)

  2. Have a wonderful weekend! I never use Oxy but spot treating prior to washing is a must especially with baby blow outs!

  3. I use this for my husband's work clothes. Have used it for years. Best stuff ever. From Can't Live Without It


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