Cinco de Mayo Recap

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I love a good holiday...especially a holiday where Mexican food is mandatory! Cinco de Mayo is usually mistaken by Americans to be Mexico's Independence Day, but it is actually known as The Day of the Battle of Puebla...basically the victory over the French on May 5 in the mid 1800's. Why is it that I remember this information you ask? I actually studied 5 years of Spanish and studied abroad in Salamanca, Spain when I was in high school. While this is a "Mexican" celebration, it was still observed by Spaniards because they actually withdrew from the war. Okay, now that you learned something new today..let's get on with the fun part! The reason most of us celebrate this day…the food and party! 

We went to some friend's house to celebrate, and it was very casual and low key, but very delicious! 
This is what we decided on making:

Taco bar - ground turkey and beef
Black bean cakes
Mexican Rice
Queso dip
Cerveza - let's be real, if we had done margaritas,  I probably wouldn't make it to work the next day!

And yes, that is a queso filled double decker taco.  I am still full just thinking about this, and probably don't need to eat for a few days, either! Don't get me wrong, I love eating out at a local Mexican restaurant, but we all agreed that it was so much better at home. Not only was the food fresh, but we all cooked in the kitchen and socialized while preparing dinner…one of my favorite reasons I cook!



  1. Taco Tuesday on Cinco de Mayo is my favorite!

  2. Your meal looked incredible!! Those black bean cakes look really tasty!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. You had the best meal! I'm so hungry looking at it all!

  4. Thanks for the little history lesson! In Canada, they totally didn't teach us this in school. We focused more on the northern stuff lol But I love Mexican food so we celebrated last night too. Your meal looks so delicious!


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