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Monday, June 1, 2015

Ever since moving into our house this past October, we've slowly begun to decorate it. Purchasing a house is expensive in general, and then even more to decorate it!
Picking out the perfect living room chairs was not a difficult task for us. We actually bought the chairs before we even bought our house…that's how obsessed we were! It's a good thing they fit our space! We were visiting our old stomping grounds in Atlanta, and wanted to "browse" at Restoration Hardware and Arhaus. We are total suckers for comfortable furniture.

We sat in the Easton Recliner Wingback chairs and knew it was destiny. 
They are seriously the most comfortable chairs ever…and they recline! 

These were custom made (on sale!) but they have stocked chairs as well. You can order free swatches before you buy, and I think we ended up with about ten before we ended up committing to #2254 Linen. 

I love the tufted upholstery and think it brings such a soft and sweet touch to neutralize the rest of the room. We have a mix of a leather couch and very rustic side tables and coffee table, so I wanted something that would soften the look.

Our house was built in the 1950s and actually has two living rooms. One was existing to the original home, and the second (where these chairs are) is from the addition. The one you are looking at is still in the works of being completely decorated, and the other one is literally empty. I am hoping to tackle the empty living room next and will definitely look into ordering from Arhaus again! 

As we continue to decorate, I will be sharing our home decor with you! 

What are some of your favorite furniture pieces? 


  1. The chairs are great, but I'm loving on that painting you have hanging above them! Gorgeous!

  2. Those chairs are amazing, lady! I love tufted upholstery, too. My favorite piece in our home is our entertainment center we bought in Amish country.

  3. I love those chairs - there is something so classic and regal about them, but very fresh!! Love the accent pillow too! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I love these chairs how cute ;)

  5. Those chairs are so pretty! heart eye emojis!

  6. Girl Im totally with you on decorating slowly by slowly after owning a home. It takes so much time to actually find the best pieces that work for you (rather than impulse by and settle). I think my credit card is thankful Im so picky haha. Great chairs by the way

  7. I like old-fashioned feeling of those chairs and colors. Nice.


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