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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Wednesday nights are not typically nights we go out to see a movie, but it was a special occasion because Entourage came out in theaters! Like usual, we headed to our favorite before-movie spot and ordered tons of apps for the group to share because remember, they have a great happy hour.

One of our all-time favorite shows was Entourage. So, when the HBO series was over, we were really sad and hoped they would make a movie. Fast forward many years, and that's exactly what they did! I will be honest. I loved it. With that being said, I think there is a specific audience this movie will appeal to. Because it was on HBO and you had to pay to watch the original series, everyone might not be familiar or "caught up" to know what is going on with the movie. We purchased our tickets a few days in advance and even showed up about thirty minutes early because it was opening night. We wanted to make sure we had good seats, but y'all, the theater was empty. The theater did fill up, but it was not packed, and we didn't didn't need to get there that early. I was honestly surprised, but then discussing with friends afterwards, I realized that this movie is definitely specific to a certain age group. I am interested in seeing how well it ends up doing.
Overall, the movie picked up from where the series left off, and the end definitely gave me closure. It didn't really give any open-ending scenes that would lead me to believe there would be a sequel. And, I was okay with that. If you are a Entourage lover, go see this!

If you are a little iffy, watch the previews, and see what you think! I did think the TV previews gave too much info on the movie and I wish they had saved some of it for the actual movie.

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  1. we're headed to dinner and this movie tomorrow night!!!

  2. Those appetizers look so good! Which restaurant is this?

  3. I never watched the show so the movie is eh to me. But, I'm glad you enjoyed it and the food looks amazing before the show.

  4. Pretty happy to hear that you finally get the closure that I think we all needed!! Can't wait to see it! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. I never watched the show, but the movie looks pretty good from all the previews I've seen! Might wait till it makes Redbox though! Glad you got the closure you were needing! I hate when shows leave you hanging!

  6. I didn't watch the show when it was on TV so I don't think I'll get the movie. But I want to see Spy with Melissa McCarthy!


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