25 Week Bumpdate

Sunday, October 9, 2016

How far along? 25 weeks, 3 days

Baby's size? A head of cabbage

Gender: G I R L 

Total weight gain/loss: I went to the doctor this week and I've officially gained 10 pounds. 

Maternity clothes? Still wearing a lot of my non-maternity clothes but every time I wear my maternity clothes, I am so much more comfortable. I don't have enough room in my closet for all 4 seasons of clothes so I am going to try to go through all of my summer clothes this week and box them up and get out all of my fall/winter clothes. I am hoping that I'll be able to wear the majority of my sweaters from last season.

Sleep: I honestly haven't really had any issues! 

Best moment this week: A group of our Greenville friends threw us a baby shower and it was so much fun celebrating our girl. 

Miss Anything? Back to the deli meats. I got Andrew a Publix sub (they are so good!) and I settled for the veggie wrap which was actually pretty good but I would have much rather had a turkey sub. 

Movement: Yes, everyday! Andrew puts his hand on my belly each night before going to bed and it's the sweetest. She is very active around 9-10PM so he indicated that he thinks she'll be up that late when she's here! 

Food cravings: Not really…just food in general! I am much hungrier these days.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope. Still haven't gotten sick at all. 

Symptoms: Heartburn and the beginning of pregnancy brain. Yes, it is totally a thing and I'm beginning to finally realize that I have it.

Looking forward to: We are still in the process of cleaning out the current office that will turn into the nursery so I'm looking forward to getting that done! I hate "stuff" just sitting everywhere and can't for everything to either go to Goodwill, the trash or a new home. Then, I feel like we can finally start painting and decorating the nursery.

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  1. Pregnancy brain is so very real! Word retrieval was brutal for me. My husband said I must have used the word "thing" 100 times a day to describe things!

  2. I can't wait to see how the nursery (especially that brick wall!) turns out!

  3. I broke down the other day and got a sub and microwaved the meat. The smell made me gag but it tasted fine!

  4. I used to microwave the meat for deli sandwiches...(and you can ask them to do that pretty much anywhere you go too!) It's not the same but at least its something....

  5. I missed subs so much when I was pregnant, too!


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